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Highly specialized interpretation and translation services

Focus on MR and Content Marketing.
Your one-stop shop for all your linguistic needs in MR, in Italy and abroad.

Experienced Translators and Interpreters with over 25 years of experience

High industry proficiency, from FMCG to Automotive to Healthcare.

ScriptoriA is the partner you are looking for

The intricacies and subtleties of MR have no secrets for us, and we can expertly render them across languages and cultures.
We assist our clients from concept localization to fieldwork and result presentation.


Studio ScriptoriA is a translation and interpreting partnership founded in 1997 by Luisa Cotta-Ramusino, Silvia Giardini and Orietta Olivetti to successfully meet the growing needs for quality and flexibility of the interpreting and translation market.
Laura Fumagalli, ScriptoriA’s Office Manager, takes care of all project planning, coordination and administration activities.

We provide professional and tailored services, in particular to the MR industry, in a variety of settings, from car clinics to remote interpreting, to name but a few.
Over the years, we have been involved in all sorts of MR-related projects: FGs and IDIs, ethnographic studies, creative workshops, brainstorming sessions with consumer panels, KOLs and experts geared to finalizing product concepts and ideas with special focus on the semiotic and semantic aspects of the language.

Our goal at ScriptoriA is to ensure an outstanding level of quality and continuity.
We have learnt that this can be achieved by dealing with the projects in the first person and by developing a high degree of interchangeability and integration, notwithstanding the specific areas of expertise of each partner.
The excellent feedback we have got from our clients proves we were right.

Over the years, we have built our expertise by working with the leading players in this sector, on the domestic and the international markets alike.
Major domestic and global market research agencies have been relying on our services for the translation of qualitative reports, screening/master questionnaires, product concepts and profiles, syndicated studies; simultaneous interpreting for IDIs, ethnographic studies, FGDs, Duos, Triads, Clinics, ideative groups and remote interpreting.



  • Qualitative reports

  • Screening/master questionnaires

  • Product concepts and profiles

  • Syndicated studies

  • Online surveys

  • Multimedia

  • Newsletters

  • Corporate legal and technical documents

On site / remote interpretation

  • IDIs

  • Ethnographic studies

  • FGDs

  • Duos, Triads

  • Clinics

  • Ideative groups

  • Workshops and brainstorming sessions with consumer panels, KOLs, experts and payers

  • Remote interpreting


Luisa Cotta-Ramusino

Qualified member #940073 of AITI
Sworn Translator at the Court of Forlì
Adjunct Professor, School of foreign Languages and Literature, Translation and Interpreting

Silvia Giardini

Qualified member #960032 of AITI
English language teacher (State-Certified ELT)
University Degree in Translation Studies

Orietta Olivetti

Qualified member #940053 of AITI
Member of AIDAC
UNI 11591 WG Coordinator


Contact Information
Via Benvenuto Garofalo 31, 20133 Milano (MI) Italy
Via Vincenzo Ugolini 55, 47121 Forlì (FC) Italy
+39 347 0032533

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